Two coworkers walking down the hall together. The man has a cane and the woman has a guide dog.

It's time to shift the conversation
from diversity and inclusion
to inclusion for ALL.

In the workplace, you must build a culture of inclusion and ensure accessibility to allow for people with disabilities to be able to fill roles – a workforce solution that has been largely untapped. With the current labor gaps, people with disabilities are ready to be a part of the solution in fulfilling the need for skilled high-tech workers.

The William L. Hudson BVI Workforce Innovation Center at Envision can help you build a strong talent base, comprised of diverse professionals of all abilities while creating an environment for them to leverage their distinct capabilities toward breakthrough performance.

A young man reading from a book with Braille.

Career services and resources for individuals who are blind or visually impaired

Jump start your career with us. We guide and support individuals who are blind or visually impaired to develop meaningful job skills and ultimately get hired.

  • Inclusive and diverse talent network

    Get matched with the right company.

  • Specialized job training

    Gain meaningful technical and soft skills.

  • Job listings

    Review our current openings.

  • Accessible Products Hotline

    Real-time home and office product accessibility assistance.

  • Accessible Toolbox Podcast

    Interviews, accessibility expertise, and more.

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A supervisor checking in on her employees at their desk.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion services for businesses

Accelerate your business through visual disability inclusion. We address inclusion from each area of your business: employee resources, on-campus accessibility, and inclusive recruitment and hiring.

  • Digital accessibility

    Optimize your digital ecosystem to meet legal requirements and ensure market access to all people.

  • Workplace inclusion and accessibility

    Ensure your workplace and processes are inclusive and accessible to all.

  • Customer contact center

    Outsource your work to our trained customer care professionals.

  • Employment and recruiting services

    Partner with us to find highly qualified, diverse candidates.

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Inclusion insights

Learn what we've been up to, our unique perspective, and more.
  • In the news

    Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ADA

    As one of the largest employers of people who are blind or visually impaired in the United States, Envision benefits daily from the contributions of people of all abilities.
  • Podcast

    Amazon Basics Microwave with Echo support

    Mika Pyyhkala provides a walk through of the Amazon Basics Microwave with Echo Support, including product features and tips on using the microwave.
  • Accessible Products Hotline

    Introducing the Accessible Products Hotline

    We introduce the newly established Accessible Products Hotline, 316-252-2500, which is now available to the blind and visually impaired community.