Is your business truly accessible?

Bots and pre-packaged offerings aren’t solutions for workplace accessibility. Our team is highly skilled and experienced – and they are blind or visually impaired. We bring the human touch to the accessibility industry.

And now, through a grant offered by the City of Wichita, we are happy to offer you a limited-time-only solution at a discounted rate.

Available Services

Corporate Accessibility Training

 Begin the Evolution of Accessibility:
  • 90-minute team building, immersive experience like no other 
  • Enhance diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives while incorporating accessibility 
  • Apply assistive technology to everyday tasks that benefit all employees 
  • Ask those difficult diversity/disability questions and get real answers in a safe space 

Digital Accessibility

Humanize the Accessibility Journey: 
  • Ensures career sites, websites, apps, software, documents are accessible  
  • Boost SEO and attract more qualified candidates to your website 
  • Eliminate barriers that restrict access to jobs and job participation 
  • Create positive, intuitive and usable access for all employees 
  • Avoid legal risk and accessibility related lawsuits 
  • Testing backed by people with disabilities ensures true accessibility and usability 

Job Placement*

Connecting People and Businesses through Accessibility:
  • 2 months on the job training and continued support from blind or visually impaired experts 
  • Hire capable productive employees from an untapped talent segment to achieve diversity and inclusion goals faster 
  • Easy to fix solutions to reduce or eliminate workplace and digital accessibility challenges 
  • Receive coaching for leaders, supervisors, and team members to successfully receive employees who are blind or visually impaired 

*Digital Accessibility consulting required. Corporate accessibility training strongly recommended.

Earn & Learn Stipend

  • 1 month to try before you buy with an internship or apprenticeship 
  • Flexible trial employment to prepare for full-time placement 

Additional Tools

Grants available for software & equipment and training:
  • Up to $2500 per student/employee or employer available for software & equipment 
  • Student scholarships for cost of training for certificate achievement or completion only 
Aerial view of the Envision Main St. building and surrounding buildings

Do you qualify?

  • If you are a Wichita-based Small Medium Enterprise (SME), you may qualify for the SME grant.
  • If you are a Wichita-based Non-Profit Organization, you may qualify for the Multiplier Organization grant.

Please contact us to find out if you meet the requirements for this limited-time offer.

Take advantage of this generous grant from City of Wichita today.

Disclaimer: These prices are offered at a discounted rate due to a generous grant from the City of Wichita. Organizations must meet specific criteria to be eligible for this workplace accessibility offer.

To see if you qualify, please contact Mika Pyyhkala at, call 316-440-1573, or submit the form below.

Here's what current customers are saying about our workplace accessibility services.

Delta Dental

“Personally speaking, I would recommend Envision’s accessibility and sensitivity training to anyone, in any profession, looking to broaden their perspective and learn how to be more inclusive and aware of the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired.”
Catherine Amburg, Communications Assistant, Delta Dental of Kansas
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Lifeboat Creative

"Providing our clients with exceptional website solutions does not end with just a visually appealing interface and technology-rich platform. It needs to be an inclusive solution that considers those with disabilities and focuses on accessibility for all users. The blind and visually impaired team of experts at the BVI Workforce Innovation Center provides the knowledge and resources to help us achieve our accessibility goals, because they live and breathe it every day."
Jeremy Luginbill, Principal, Lifeboat Creative

Accessology Too, LLC

"We value our partnership with the BVI Workforce Innovation Center team of blind and visually impaired specialists that test our clients’ websites and documents.  They provide real user experiences as they live and breathe accessibility every day.  They provide thorough reporting and practical solutions, making the remediation process for accessibility and usability simple and cost-effective."

Kristi Avalos, President/CEO, Accessology Too, LLC

Contact us to make your workplace more accessible.

Please note this grant is for Wichita-based or headquartered companies.