A Workforce for All

With the expansion of science and technology, the need for highly skilled workers has grown drastically over the years. To provide a sustainable supply of employees for an ever-changing economy, organizations must empower individuals with disabilities to become part of the solution in fulfilling the need for skilled workers.

This not only includes hiring individuals with disabilities, but also becoming an organization that's inclusive and accessible for those individuals. In short, a workforce for all people of all abilities.

We're Here to Help

Becoming an accessible business has its challenges, but with the right tools and resources, the transition is easier than you might think. We are experts in the field of employment for people with visual impairments.

You can trust the William L. Hudson BVI Innovation Center with your brand and reputation. And we'll be there to guide you and connect you to the right resources as you focus on becoming more accessible.

A woman with short hair smiling while wearing a headset. A colleague is with her also wearing a headset.
Workplace Accessibility Services

Our accessibility experts will work with you to ensure your business facility is up to today’s accessibility standards, so you can provide a work environment for employees who are differently abled.

Male, african american hands typing on a black computer keyboard with a white cane propped against his leg.
Digital Accessibility Services

Did you realize your website could be inaccessible to 16 million Americans? Our experts will help you navigate current digital accessibility requirements and help your company meet these standards.


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If you're considering making your business or your website more accessible, we'd love to talk you through the process.

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