A blind employee reading notes in Braille.

What is a talent network?

The BVI Workforce Innovation Center talent network allows interested job seekers who are blind or low vision to gain access to the latest job opportunities, events, projects, training sessions, and other career-related information. Need additional training? We can schedule that. Looking for a new career? We'll help get you matched with the right company.

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Grow the skills to help you succeed.

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We'll prioritize you for new jobs.

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Everything you need to get hired.

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Submit your resume, which includes your level of education, working experience, and any technical skills you possess. We'll review your credentials and compare them to open positions with our employee and training partners. 

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Our talent partnerships

The Workforce Innovation Center gave me opportunities that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Envision placed me in the Air Force program, and now I'm loving my new job and have great benefits and an amazing career path.
—  Danara Business management training Hired by the United States Air Force

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