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Quickly hire qualified candidates.

The BVI Workforce Innovation Center is creating the workforce of tomorrow through an unparalleled focus on training individuals with vision loss, placing them into professional, high-tech jobs, and providing accessibility inclusion expertise to businesses across the United States.

By working with us, you’ll gain access to our extensive talent network. Talent networks can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to make a hire; your hiring managers can simply search, locate, and get in touch with potential candidates that are already sitting in our database.

We identify talent for future positions; a candidate might not be ideal for a certain role you’ve posted but could be perfect for a future opportunity. Instead of waiting for the right candidates to come through your careers page, with our talent network, a hiring manager can be proactive and get the ball rolling straightway and make contact with potential future employees.

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Inclusive workplaces produce innovation.

In homogeneous workplaces, the culture remains the same — similar thoughts and ideas. But within an inclusive workforce, there is a culture that promotes new growth and a diverse way of thinking — it produces an environment of originality.

Inclusion also produces happier employees. When everyone feels included, morale goes up. This leads to higher satisfaction and empowerment within the organization that will radiate throughout.

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Our unique approach

We work directly with employers who value diversity, equity, and inclusion to recruit, train, and place qualified individuals with our partners. Envision’s unique position as a national leader in employing people who are blind or visually impaired provides access to a vast network of advocates, membership organizations, and others to provide a large talent pool of prospective employees.

What we offer

Access to our talent network of diverse employees

The BVI Workforce Innovation Center Talent Network can connect you to individuals from around the country who have sent us their resumes and employment history information. We connect with these individuals regularly to keep them informed of opportunities in the job market.

Recruitment support

We work with you to ensure your job description and posting are accessible to all job seekers. We also notify individuals in our talent network who meet your candidate criteria.

Specialized training programs

Do you have a custom or proprietary software system? Our accessibility team with work with you to deliver a specialized training program so that qualified candidates hit the ground running when they join your team on Day 1.

Placement of candidates who are blind or visually impaired

We work with organizations that value a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce to recruit, train, and place qualified individuals who are blind or visually impaired within those organizations.

Our recruitment partnerships

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