Diversity, equity, & inclusion services for businesses

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Discover and empower the best workforce.

The BVI Workforce Innovation Center helps our clients build a strong talent base, comprised of diverse professionals of all abilities while creating an environment for them to leverage their distinct capabilities toward breakthrough performance.

How we work

Understand your current state

We'll work with you through rounds of discovery to understand your organizational goals and how you're currently set up for all people to succeed.

Create a plan to remediate

Once we identify improvement opportunities, we consult with you on a plan to remediate processes, facility improvements, digital optimizations, and more.

Uncover the gaps

After assessing your organizational needs, we'll determine how our services will best fit your organizational goals.

Make an impact and measure success

We'll help you measure the effectiveness of your new, inclusive system and provide ongoing recommendations to continue this important initiative.

Our offerings

Digital accessibility

Optimize your digital ecosystem to not only meet legal requirements but also ensure market access to all people.

Workplace inclusion and accessibility

Ensure your workplace and processes are inclusive and accessible to all. Employment recruitment and applications, on-boarding processes, job function and physical environment analysis, etc.

Customer contact center

Outsource your work to our trained customer care professionals.

Employment and recruiting services

Partner with us to find highly qualified, diverse candidates.
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Schedule a consultation

Not sure where your business needs diversity, equity, and inclusion support? Jump on a call with our team of expert consultants to get started.